Whitney Church of Christ

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Our Local Ministries

Here are a few of our local ministries!


Children's Bible Hour 

Bible Hour is conducted every Sunday even­ing at 6 p.m. during the school year.  Children between the ages of 4 and the 4th grade are invited to attend.  It's a time of Bible stories, skits, singing, and fun. Every Bible lesson is pre­sented to the children in three different ways to help them retain the lesson.

Golden Classics Golden Classics meets on the third Tuesday of every month. It's a time of fellowship, a common meal, and games.  We begins at 6 p.m. 

In October, we make a trip to the State Fair of Texas and in June we have a Western Night.

Nursing Home Programs 

On the third Sunday of every month we pres­ent the devotionals at both of our local nurs­ing homes.  On the third Wednesday of every month we celebrate the residents birthday by giving them a party. 

Bible Class Program 

We offer Bible classes for all ages. We offer three adult Bible classes on both Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. 

Children In Action  

(C.I.A.) This program is designed to minister to our younger children between the ages of 4 yr. old to the 6th. Grade. We have divided the group into two groups, the Senior and Junior CIA. 

The focus is to teach our children the joy of serving Jesus through serving others.

 Sharing And Caring

(SAC Groups)


Our Sharing and Caring groups meets ever third Sunday evening before our worship.  It is time to share information about individuals in our congregation who have need of special attention or to plan some special outreach for our community.

Leadership Training For Christ(LTC)

Every year the young people between the third and twelfth grade of the congregation are given an opportunity to participate in LTC. This is an organized program to train our young people to take leadership rolls in the church. In 2012 we had 27.   This is an outstanding program: and it is held on Easter weekend each year. 

The LTC Web site is:  www.ntltc.org

Lake Cisco Summer Camp 

Every year the youth  of our congregation (from 3rd to 12th. grade) are given the opportunity to attend  Summer Christian Camp at Lake Cisco in Cisco, Texas. 

20th. Annual Clothes Give-Away In August of 2012 we will conduct our 19th. Annual Clothes Give-Away!  We do this every year on the first Saturday of August to help our local community  cloth their children for school.  In 2012 we  had about 660 individual to participe in this program. .      




There Are Many More Ministries Which Are Not Listed.